• $20 (4 mini cakes)
  • $40 (10 mini cakes)
  • Pick apple or cherry

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The Story

After having left our native Germany and before we made our home in North Carolina, we lived in Singapore for a few years. There we had the great fortune of welcoming Ampy Saminado into our life – housekeeper par excellence, stand-in grandma, and star baker.

In one of the great ironic twists in life, it was Ampy from the Philippines who taught us, the native Germans, how to make the best German apple cake we’ve ever known. It’s a great go-to cake for any occasion, whether you’re having friends over for a true German “kaffeeklatsch” or need a gift on short notice.

While the original recipe calls for apples, it’s equally delicious with morello cherries. Each cake is 4″ in diameter and perfect for one person.

Ampy Saminado, Singapore 1999

Storage Instructions

Cakes will keep fresh at room temperature for 2-3 days, or up to a week in refrigerator. Can also be frozen. Allow for 3 hours to thaw at room temperature before serving.