Pick from the menu below and text your order to 615.943.1770 with the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Order with quantity & price
  3. Subscription (yes/no) & preferred pickup day of the week
  4. Your Venmo contact name

All orders require a minimum of 2 days lead time. You will be notified on the morning of your pickup date to receive a time slot. If you have a subscription, your order will be fulfilled on the same day every week. Your payment will be requested via Venmo on the first of the month.

Orders can be picked up fresh or frozen. Reheating instructions included.

Door-to-door delivery is available for $3/delivery.

ItemSingle PriceMonthly
Artisan bread regular loaf 1.5 lbs$10$32
Artisan bread large loaf 2 lbs$12$38
Pizza dough (makes 2 12-inch pizzas)$10n/a
Dei Fratelli pizza sauce (1 can)$2n/a
Mini cakes apple or cherry (4)$20n/a
Mini cakes apple or cherry (10)$40n/a

Enjoy Your Fresh Bread!